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#1 Ransomware [in Development]
Started by WhiteHat

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WhiteHat Offline
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04-22-2017, 05:47 AM -
hi, my name is whitehat.
and i am here today to show you my latest product.
its a ransomware with customizable options.
i will post some screenshots in the thread.

first would be the builder.
[Image: 5e6244436e9fbaf3d63ad8fc0cb763ec.png]

secound is the interface on the ransomware, keep in mind its still being developed.
[Image: bc31e80d3b726a0f7d0e2196d0a437e4.png]

the database:
[Image: 7b546cde231f76b9691572b3e954ae45.png]

the website(you can make your own, this is the one i made for the project.):
[Image: f6d7edd37c92c257e7362647444bacca.png]

i will update the thread when i have more worked done.

this is being coded with @[IDLE]Epic so shoutout to my homie @[IDLE]Epic.

have a good day CZ members.
[IDLE]Epic Offline

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04-22-2017, 05:54 AM -
i vouch this, cause im helping to code it :P
[Image: PMBDPha.png]

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